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Daily Shorts Highlights


Shorts Program 5 – A Bit of Ridiculous

Thursday, October 18            7:20 PM

Most of our shorts programs have a bit of humor in them, but this is ninety minutes of guaranteed silliness.  Along with two films in our Student Short Competition (The Case of the Missing Garden Gnome, and Boom Box Kids), there are a couple film that prove you can tell a full story in two minutes (Road Kill, How to Mow You Yard on PCP), a few stars (Jason Ritter in Trying, Brenda Song in First Kiss), and couple films that toe the thin line between thriller and comedy (Deerskin Lake, The Return) and it all ends with homeless guy trying to save his best friend, a shopping cart (GUTTERSNIPE).

If you want more shorts and you don’t mind a little lewdness and adult themes, stick around for Shorts Program 4 – Dirty Laundry.


Shorts Program 8 – The Future Now

Friday, October 19 9:30 PM

For lovers of sci-fi, this block of shorts features space travel, time travel, and human cloning.  One theme pervades it all: being trapped.  Whether it is convict serving out his sentence in a lunar prison (The Man in the Moon), a heartbroken man lost in a dimension without the love of his life (PARALLEL), or a soul trapped in the remnants of a broken down spaceship (Henri).  Giovanni Ribisi stars in the Ridley Scott executive-produced LOOM, about a species trapped in its own self-imposed destruction.  In one of our Student Shorts in Competition, The Teleported Man, a death row inmate finds his only means of escape to be a suicide-mission scientific experiment.  Finally, the program finishes with a little cosmic comedy in the animated short PHONE HOME.

If you are ready to start your shorts day early, be sure to check out Shorts Program 10 – Crime Stories for a little Mametian con-noir (THE PILGRIM AND THE PRIVATE EYE), some Tarantino-inspired non-linear thuggery (CALCUTTA TAXI) or Soderbergh-esque heist-com (Advantage: Weinberg).


Shorts Program 6 – The World Comes Of Age

Saturday, October 20 4:30 PM

A spin around the globe looking at what it means to grow up in different countries and cultures.  Starting in Mexico with a boy’s need to brag (MENTIROSO), we move on to Africa where a Somali boy spins another kind of fish story (ASAD).  ASAD is even more impressive considering it was filmed in South Africa using a cast made entirely of Somali refugees.  In the animated FROM A TO B AND BACK AGAIN, another refuge child from an unnamed Muslim country seeks a home in the UK.  Staying in UK, FRIDAY looks at growing up in the western world under the shadow of racism and terrorism.  In Afghanistan, the two friends in BUZKASHI BOYS come of age amidst the ruins of the American invasion.  In Australia, a friendless girl must grow up on her in STRANGEFACE. Finally, back here at home, LOVE, EMILY shows that not every boy needs a life and death situation to become a man.

For more portraits of real life, check out the Documentary Shorts Competition in SHORTS PROGRAM 12 tonight at 7:15 pm at the Hideout Theatre.  Current issues (ILLEGAL), Odd Hobbies (SEE THE DIRT, THE DEBUTANTE HOBBIES, GOOD KARMA $1), Curious Professions (THE BRONZER, UNRAVEL), and journeys into fear (JEWPHORIA).


Shorts Program 1 – The Space Between Us

Sunday, October 21 9:30 PM

Everyone is complicated, two people together, exponentially so.  This shorts programs examines relationships, broken and blossoming.  Whereas some relationships feel frozen in time (as in Narrative Shorts competitor THE SPEED OF THE PAST) and others trapped in an endless cycle (METRO 7 BIS), it can feel like you never really know the other person (KISS ME, FRENCH QUESDILLAS)  For a little star power, check out Jason Ritter (again!) in Narrative Shorts competitor ATLANTIS and Mary Elizabeth Ellis, ‘The Waitress’ in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Jimmi Simpson from The Breakout Kings in TRACER GUN. The program ends with the heart-warming animated short competitor HEAD OVER HEELS in which a man and woman literally live on different floors of the same house – the floor and the ceiling.

If animation is your thing, don’t miss SHORTS PROGRAM 11, playing today at 3:30 at the Hideout.  Fun for the whole family, but also showcasing Computer Generated, Stop Motion and traditional hand drawn Cell Animation.  Featuring THE GRUFFALO’S CHILD the sequel to the 2010 AFF hit THE GRUFFALO.


Shorts Program 4 – Dirty Laundry

Monday, October 22 9:45 PM

If you missed its first screening, don’t miss out on your final chance to see these more deviant shorts.  The program opens with Student Short Competitor PAYING FOR IT, a steamy drama about a young woman experimenting with the world’s oldest professions, and one of the professionals herself.  QUEEN features another sort of professional, a drag queen, looking for a fresh start.  Animated short BEING BRADFORD DILLMAN looks at sexuality from a child’s perspective.  UNDRESS ME uses sex as a weapon and the heart-wrenching DAMAGED ONES, a Narrative Shorts competitor, is a beautifully shot portrait of a young girl’s entrance into womanhood.  See it with someone you love, or intend to break up with soon.

It’s also your last chance to see SHORTS PROGRAM 6 – THE WORLD COMES OF AGE, a whirlwind trip around the earth, spotlighting stories of youth in seven countries.  Check it out 5:30 at the Hideout.


Shorts Program 3 – Postcards From The Battlefield

Tuesday, October 23 9:30 PM

Tonight is the final night to catch this shorts program about combat, whether armed with weapons or words.  Featuring three films from the Narrative Shorts Competition (CORK’S CATTLEBARON, MY LEFT HAND MAN, and INCIDENT AT PUBLIC SCHOOL 173) an animated short (7TH), and a film from a three-time alum (THE PALACE), this program has a little bit for everyone, comedy, drama, and action.  THINGS ARE REALLY INSANE brings the battle home and 036 highlights war at the workplace.

Today is also your last chance to catch SHORTS PROGRAM 1- THE SPACE BETWEEN US, a look at the difficulty we have in finding each other in this modern world, and, having found, keeping hold of each other.  Check it out at 5:30 in the Hideout.


Shorts Program 7 – A Glimpse Into Another World

Wednesday, October 24 7:30 PM

Some of the most visually-engaging and thought-provoking shorts play in this program, which is full of fantasy and alternate realities.  THE WHEEL finds a steam punk world spinning out of control when the wrong driver wants to steer.  SEA PAVILION is a beautifully shot near wordless mystery.   Student Short competitor THE TREEHOUSE looks to the stars for answers when a parent dies.  A similar theme is found in JACK & JILL with young girl finding a whimsical way to reach her father at the front.  In Animated Short competitor SLEIGHT OF HAND, a clay-mation man sculpts his own clay-mation puppet, only to wonder who is posing whom.  THE SECRET KEEPER paints a grim alternate future in which one’s most precious secret must be hidden away in a mason jar.  Finally, DOCTOR GLAMOUR pulls a young scientist into another dimension of rock and roll and intergalactic octopi.

Today is also your final chance to see SHORTS PROGRAM 10 – CRIME STORIES featuring an illicit love story (LOST & FOUND), baby snatching (HATCH) and the last time you’ll ever pop over to a neighbors for a pinch of salt (HER NEXT DOOR).  Don’t miss it at 5:15 pm at The Hideout.


Shorts Program 2 – The Search For Ourselves

Thursday, October 25 6:30 PM

The Shorts series closes strongly tonight with four films from the Narrative Shorts Competition (MY NAME IS YOUR FIRST LOVE, PRAY, YARDBIRD, and PETER AT THE END) as well as one from the Animated Shorts Competition (JAMÓN).  Throw in a fun suicidal beach outing (DROWNED) and a psychologically-tortured child getting her just revenge (WEDNESDAY’S CHILD) and this shorts program is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and learn a little bit about yourself.  Don’t miss NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE’s John Heder’s fantastic performance in PETER AT THE END as well as Entourage’s Contance Zimmer.

Outsiders unite in the 4:00 showing of SHORTS PROGRAM 9 – THE VIEW FROM THE OUTSIDE.  Don’t miss your chance to see the literary Student Short Competitor BELLA FLEACE GAVE A PARTY and the uplifting period piece from Russia, another Student Short Competitor, LISA.