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AFF 2013 Panelists on What They Look Forward to Most

07.10.13 | Erin Hallagan

Summer is in full swing deep in the heart of Texas. But that’s not stopping us form working through the heat to get ready for our favorite time of year: October! We polled some of this year’s panelists to find out what they are most looking forward to about coming (or returning!) to Austin and the Conference, here’s what they had to say:

CRAIG MAZIN: For a few days, Austin turns into an alt universe where screenwriters and screenwriting get the appreciation they deserve.
HERSCHEL WEINGROD: Its continued and unswerving dedication, against all odds, to celebrating and furthering the craft of screenwriting.
DAN PETRIE, JR AND RICK DUGDALE: Networking at the cocktail parties.
LESLIE DIXON: Seeing if anyone will play Texas Swing music with me.  (I’d settle for fiddle tunes.)
ED SOLOMON: I always have great AFF memories.  Mostly just hanging in the bar talking with and meeting other writers – and meeting the folks who come to the festival who are interested in writing.
LINDSAY DORAN: A young man sent me a card after the conference last year saying that, in his film school, Stanley Kubrick and Quentin Tarantino are regarded as gods (which he agreed with).  But, he continued, he’d been afraid to say out loud that he thought the best movie ever made was “Back to the Future.”  He said that after hearing my talk he now had the courage to not only say those words out loud but to continue to make films that aspire to make people (and himself) happy.
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